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Custom Swimsuit

This suit was cloned for a client from her old swimsuit. The original suit had fit her beautifully once upon a time, but wear and tear and chlorine had taken their toll on the fabric, which wasn’t nearly as tight or well fitting as it had been. And, since the suit was a previous season’s design, she couldn’t purchase a new one from the original manufacturer. So, she sent the old suit to me and I was able to draft a pattern and create an identical suit in brand new custom dyed fabric.

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Custom Swimsuit

Quick post today. Here are a few pics of a custom swimsuit I recently made for an etsy customer:

IMG_0046IMG_0047-1 IMG_0048


Where style and a lack of pain meet

This summer’s swimsuit came courtesy of Target for a nice affordable price and minimal time and effort devoted to finding it.  It’s a one piece suit with a little skirt at the bottom and came with a halter tie at the top.  It was cheap and about as flattering as I can hope to expect from off the rack spandex.  🙂

BUT it was uncomfortable.  Halter tie swimsuits are a bit of torture for me, since they demand that the entire weight of my bosom hang precariously from strands knotted right at the nape of my neck.  The weight pressing on that tiny spot almost always leads to headaches.  Especially when you add the almost inevitable ingredients of glaring sunshine, chlorine fumes, and possibly dehydration.

Rather than accept a summertime of headaches by the pool, I decided to take a hint from Eva’s swimsuit and convert the halter tie to a criss cross style strap.  This way, the weight is distributed over my shoulders (which are better designed to carry weight than my neck is!) and as a bonus it keeps the elastic at the back of my suit from scrunching down.  DH helped me mark the suit where I wanted to attach the straps, and then it took just a few minutes to stitch them down.

We’ve gone to the pool a couple of times since I made this easy alteration and I’m happy to say I’m headache free and my suit has stayed securely in place.  I don’t care if it’s a more juvenile style, this is a better approach for us big busted gals and I will likely do this again in the future.

Happy sewing – and swimming – to you all!

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