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Artsy Baby

 My two and a half year old daughter drew this a couple of days ago, and delightedly informed me “I draw you.”  I was pretty impressed with this from a two year old and I asked her for more details.  “Are those my shoes?”  She grinned and pointed to the torso “that your shirt” and then to the blob at the top “there your face.”

I love being a mommy and getting to watch her learn and grow and explore her own creativity.  Plus, I’ve gotta be pleased with how skinny she made blob-Mommy.  LOL!


Yummy Yummy!

Eva helped me make brownies last evening.  She’s really getting into that sort of thing!  She’ll proudly announced “I stir brownies” and she keeps the batter moving while I add each ingredient.  She also “beeeeeeeeps” along with the oven once it’s preheated.  Oh, and just in case you couldn’t tell from the photo, they were delicious!

Sewing has been slow going.  We had a family emergency on my days off so I didn’t get much done then.  I’ve managed to get a second muslin for Shawn’s shirt made, and make the pattern adjustments I needed.  I dragged down the bag of fabric I bought six months ago (when I had first set out to make this shirt) and discovered I hadn’t bought nearly enough.  So we’ll have to make another trip to the store before I can finish.  Ah well, it may not be much but it’s progress, right?


Proud Mommy Moment

This has nothing to do with sewing.  But this is my only (active) blog at the moment, so I’ll ask you all to bear with me as I brag for a moment.  Yesterday morning, my daughter pointed up at Daddy’s dresser and asked for “that one.”

This is Daddy’s dresser.  Please understand, our general messiness is not the source of my pride here.  What I am proud of, is what happened next.  I walked a bit closer to the dresser to try to identify what, amongst the pile of junk precariously balanced there, was “that one.”

I took a step closer and looked.  There are boxes, belts, cords, cards, almond oil, a memory card, books, bags, butt wipes, crayons, papers and I think a couple of coins.  “Which one do you want?” I asked her.

“That one, please!  Dora book.”

Okay.  First reason I’m proud… did YOU spot the Dora the Explorer phonics books in and amongst all the mess up there?  Second reason I’m proud, do you SEE a picture of Dora anywhere on the box.  Take a look.  Look closer.  No?

Now let me clarify, my daughter probably did not remember this item.  It was a Christmas gift this past December.  And since she was given MANY gifts, and this particular one is a boxed set of 12 paperback booklets that we were confident she would ruin in mere minutes, it was put “away” (ie, on Daddy’s dresser) where it has sat for the past 4 months waiting for us to be confident she could “read” them gently.  She was never previously able to play with these books and while she may have seen the box sitting up there, we hadn’t pointed it out or talked about it.  She found it spontaneously and recognized it on her own.

That’s right folks.  My 28 month old daughter READ the box!  (And if she didn’t out and out know that those letters say “Dora” she at a minimum recognized the logo of a TV show she had watched only a dozen or so times, which I think very nearly counts as reading).

I pointed out to Shawn that this limited view of the side of the box was all she’d seen to identify it.  “I think she read the word Dora, honey!”

“Read Dora!” she agreed.

She got to play with the books.  One more reason I’m proud?  She did so gently.

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