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Artsy Baby

 My two and a half year old daughter drew this a couple of days ago, and delightedly informed me “I draw you.”  I was pretty impressed with this from a two year old and I asked her for more details.  “Are those my shoes?”  She grinned and pointed to the torso “that your shirt” and then to the blob at the top “there your face.”

I love being a mommy and getting to watch her learn and grow and explore her own creativity.  Plus, I’ve gotta be pleased with how skinny she made blob-Mommy.  LOL!


Then, I made a skirt for Eva!

I used every possible square inch of blue fabric for my skirt, but had plenty of the black and white polka dot fabric leftover, so I made a quick skirt for my girly girl!  No pattern here, I just cut a 10″ wide strip of fabric about time and a half what I’d need to wrap around her body, and a narrower strap almost twice as long as the first.  hemmed and gathered the long strip, sewed it to the shorter one to create that flouncy look at the bottom.  Stitched up the back seam.  Folded over the top to create a casing for some elastic (which I then added, and stitched the hole closed).  Voila!

I let her try on the skirt and – the girl is well trained! – when I grabbed the camera she rushed over to the curtain we always use for a back drop.  Then, she struck so many cute poses I couldn’t pick one.  Here – enjoy a multitude of pics!


Eva’s Clearance Dress

This is what I made for my girly with fabric bought on sale.  I did it without a pattern in a couple of hours the evening our fabric arrived.  She calls it her “puffy” dress.  It turned out a bit puffier than I’d intended, to be honest, but it’s cute nonetheless.

Like my own clearance pick, this fabric cost me just a couple of bucks and I already had the thread and elastic so the finished product was very affordable, right around $3.50 for this.  Not bad.

By the way, the boots she’s wearing in this picture are just about her favorite shoes.  She wants to wear them all the time, and can pull off the look of boots with a dress, boots with jeans, and even boots with a diaper!  That’s my girl!



Eva found my pin cushion this morning, and delightedly carried it around the house saying, “to-MAY-to!” her young little voice jumping a full octive to squeel the “may” part each time.  It was cute enough I had to capture it.


Good morning

Someone has bed head this morning!


Ho Hum Hem

Bonnie dropped by when I got home from work a few days ago, and tried on the dress.  It looks absolutely AMAZING on her!  The foundation does provide enough support, and all the prior alterations have created a wonderful fit.  She decided she wanted me to take a few inches off the bottom so that the dress comes right above the knee on her, and we marked the locations for the hooks and eyes on the neck strap.  And that was it!  Just a couple of eensy little quick steps to be fininshed!

*sigh* But hems are boring.  Fold, pin, stitch, iron.  Fold, pin, stitch, iron.  It takes forever, and while a garment looks FINISHED once it is nicely hemmed – it still looks basically like the same garment.  Taking bizarrely shaped pieces of pattern, sewing a few quick seams, and suddenly having a DRESS is my favorite step.  Easy work and instant gratification.  Hems?  Hems are a necesarry evil.  And this dress, fully lined and with a chiffon layer on top, was going to require me to hem THREE layers of fabric.

So, I did what any logical seamstress would do.  I procrastinated.  🙂  First, I actually did have a couple of days without enough time to sew.  And then I promised my husband I’d do my share of the chores this week – I’ve been slacking while working on this dress, and since he’s been busy taking finals, he hasn’t really had the time to pick up the slack.  We’ve been living in polite squalor these past weeks.  But I’m sure you all knew that already, if you read my last post!

When the housework was done and I had time to sew, a less experienced procrasinator might have resigned herself to actually hemming the dress in its entirety.  I did actually trim the excess inches off the bottom as we’d planned, serge the raw edges, and even contemplate folding up the first little bit, but I found my OUT at that point and  decided instead to make Bonnie a purse.

One of the downsides of re-inventing a pattern is that I have to estimate the fabric I’ll need.  And I’m not yet actually good at this.  After cutting out all of the pieces to Bonnie’s dress, I had just over a yard each of the chiffon and the tafetta leftover, and since she paid for it, I wanted to put it to good use for her.  I used some of the fabric to make a little matching wrap.  And, inspired by many other sewing blogs I’ve ready lately, I figured a hand bag would make a nice use of the remaining tafetta.

 Now, the whole point here was to make USE of the money Bonnie had already spent (well, that, and of course AVOIDING the whole process of hemming).  So I didn’t want to race out to JoAnn’s and spend another $5 or $10 on purse handles, magnetic snaps, and a zipper.  Or, ahem, a pattern.

You guessed it – I decided to wing it.  I cut simple rectangles of pattern paper so my layers would all match up, and used two layers of tafetta sandwhiching plastic, for added stiffness, to make each side of the purse.  One blog I read (I apologize but I have forgetten which one of the many I browsed through) suggested using a shower curtain liner for this, and I just happened to have a spare liner in the wrong color sitting on *my* messy dresser top.  I stitched the layers together into a box, added black vinyl industrial snaps leftover from my diaper sewing days, and sewed on a fabric strap.

Of course, before I managed to sew on the strap, Eva discovered it, fell madly in love with it, and announced that it was “my blue hat!”  So I resorted to working on the hem a bit until she went down for her nap, at which point I snuck the purse back and finished it.

It’s a simple design, has no pockets, and isn’t the absolute most stunning purse I could ever imagine making; but it’s attractive, matches the dress, and was essentially FREE to create, so why not?  Plus, it let me put off the hems for a few blissful hours.

 Of course, I did break down and get to work on the hems.  All three of them – lining, dress, and chiffon (which was a delightfully easy rolled edge on my serger, instead of hours of folding, pinning, stitching, and ironing as the first two layers had been).  Then I settled on the couch with needle, thread, and a good movie and hand sewed the hooks and eyes onto the neck strap and above the zipper in the back.

Which means (drumroll please)…. the dress is finished!!!  But I’m afraid I’m going to leave you with a slightly anticlimactic end to this post, I haven’t yet taken photos of the finished dress.  I hope to deliver it to Bonnie either this evening or tomorrow after work, and get some photos of her wearing it.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a final proud picture of my cutie pie, modeling the finished purse.


Proud Mommy Moment

This has nothing to do with sewing.  But this is my only (active) blog at the moment, so I’ll ask you all to bear with me as I brag for a moment.  Yesterday morning, my daughter pointed up at Daddy’s dresser and asked for “that one.”

This is Daddy’s dresser.  Please understand, our general messiness is not the source of my pride here.  What I am proud of, is what happened next.  I walked a bit closer to the dresser to try to identify what, amongst the pile of junk precariously balanced there, was “that one.”

I took a step closer and looked.  There are boxes, belts, cords, cards, almond oil, a memory card, books, bags, butt wipes, crayons, papers and I think a couple of coins.  “Which one do you want?” I asked her.

“That one, please!  Dora book.”

Okay.  First reason I’m proud… did YOU spot the Dora the Explorer phonics books in and amongst all the mess up there?  Second reason I’m proud, do you SEE a picture of Dora anywhere on the box.  Take a look.  Look closer.  No?

Now let me clarify, my daughter probably did not remember this item.  It was a Christmas gift this past December.  And since she was given MANY gifts, and this particular one is a boxed set of 12 paperback booklets that we were confident she would ruin in mere minutes, it was put “away” (ie, on Daddy’s dresser) where it has sat for the past 4 months waiting for us to be confident she could “read” them gently.  She was never previously able to play with these books and while she may have seen the box sitting up there, we hadn’t pointed it out or talked about it.  She found it spontaneously and recognized it on her own.

That’s right folks.  My 28 month old daughter READ the box!  (And if she didn’t out and out know that those letters say “Dora” she at a minimum recognized the logo of a TV show she had watched only a dozen or so times, which I think very nearly counts as reading).

I pointed out to Shawn that this limited view of the side of the box was all she’d seen to identify it.  “I think she read the word Dora, honey!”

“Read Dora!” she agreed.

She got to play with the books.  One more reason I’m proud?  She did so gently.

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