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A new name and a blog giveaway!

It was suggested to me in a recent reader comment that I go ahead and name my dress form. I have to agree, the dear deserves it with all I put her through. So I’m opening up the floor for suggestions!

And, as an added bonus, whoever suggests the name I end up choosing will be the happy new owner of 3 gorgeous yards of assorted fabrics! Hopefully they’ll be a delightful inspiration for you. 🙂


Dress Form Boob Job

My dress form got implants yesterday.

Now that Shawn’s shirt is finished, I get to spend some time sewing for me with all those lovely fabrics I bought on sale.  One of my first steps was to adjust my dress form to a size I could use.  The problem with the dear is that she is molded plastic, and as adjustable as she is (with dials at the waist, hip, and bust) she is always going to be a… C cup, I think.  Which I have not been in many, many years.  So, if I set her bust measurement to mine, then her ribs are quite a bit larger than mine, and the result is that the blouses and peasant tops and empire waisted or wrap style dresses I hope to make will all fit her very, very differently from how they’ll fit me.  Which largely defeats the purpose of having a dress form!

So, in a moment of inspiration, I decided she needed a boob job.  I dialed down her bust until her ribcage measurement equalled my own (blurry on purpose… wouldn’t you love to know).  Then, I pulled out a nice clean nursing bra I never actually wore (because Eva weaned) but that fits correctly, and tried it on her.  I unsnapped the cups and stuffed them full until her bust measurement also equalled my own!  Yes, those are plastic grocery store bags.  I’m sure I could have found something to produce a more natural look, but she’s plastic already and this is what I had on hand, for free, easy to grab a hold of.

I was so pleased with the outcome of this that I padded her belly too.  Because the reality also is that I do not have an hourglass figure… I have a four months pregnant figure, even though I haven’t been pregnant at all in over two years.  So now she’s got a trimmer curve to the small of her back (like me) and a nice pouch in the front (also like me).  She resembles me far more than she used too (though if I get into any more fitted garments, I’ll need sturdier padding for her belly and a bit more work on getting quite the right shape).  For the time being though, this should help me make minor adjustments for fit and drape, which I will want to do when I get started on a couple of dresses in the near future.

Here she is wearing my favorite shirt, so you can get the full effect:

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