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Rachel’s Corset

My newest client Rachel was asked to be maid of honor at her friend’s wedding a couple of months ago – an honor of course, but there was a slight problem. The bride chose strapless gowns for her bridesmaids, and Rachel’s curvy figure demanded better support than an off-the-rack strapless bra was going to provide. Rachel asked a mutual friend, Ann-Michelle, to help her find a suitable corset at one of the lingerie shops in the mall. Ann-Michelle told her for a suitable corset, the mall was not the place to go!

I discussed the options for corsets with Rachel. We talked about the sort of shape and cut she wanted (fairly long lined, coming to a V at the front), the neckline (sweetheart), and kind of closure (front busk, back lacing), as well as the degree of shaping and support that would be appropriate (supportive enough to have a showdown with gravity and win). We also talked about fabrics. Rachel’s corset was going to be worn to her friend’s wedding, but also to her own a few months later, so we definitely wanted fabrics that had a beautiful, bridal feel to them. The time frame was tight and didn’t allow us to shop around, but I had some gorgeous cream and pale gold silk brocade in stock and Rachel really loved it! There wasn’t quite enough for the whole corset, so we made one panel in an accent fabric – champagne satin – which ultimately emphasized the hourglass shape the corset created. I hand dyed the laces champagne as well, to match. The fashion fabrics sit over two layers of sturdy cotton corset fabric so the corset is strong and durable. The entire bodice is supported by 22 pieces of flat and spiral steel bonings, as well as the front busk. We met during the construction of her corset for fittings and made a few adjustments (both for fit, and to ensure the neckline of the corset didn’t show above the neckline of her bridesmaid gown). A good fit is infinitely more comfortable, and more supportive as well!

The end result was exactly what she’d needed. Rachel was thrilled! She told me she’d been dreading her friend’s wedding a bit when she hadn’t known how she was going to manage the strapless gown, but with the corset she was looking forward to it again. After the wedding, she sent me a message to let me know it had been comfortable the whole day, and she’d even found an opportunity to wear it again since. Music to a corset maker’s ears!


Luck of the Irish

St Patrick’s Day is just around the corner, and that means corned beef, green beer, and of course, a big annual parade! One of my favorite krewe clients commissioned me to make a new costume for this year’s St Patty’s Day parade, and here it is for your enjoyment!


Playing Catch Up

I’m behind. Months behind. My apologies to those of you who have followed my blog in the past, when it was updated routinely.

Thankfully, it’s a matter of too much, rather than too little, to say. Business has been booming and I’ve enjoyed a wide variety of projects to occupy my time. The result however has been that, at the end of twelve hour days of sewing, I lack the creative energy to write about what I have made. This month, I seem to have a bit of breathing room for the first time since early last September, and I intend to make the most of it! I have already updated my website with photos of many of my recent creations, and I plan to work this month on playing catch up here on the blog.

More will follow soon, but for the time being, please enjoy this photo of a corset I made as a Christmas gift for one of my loved ones. The fabric is a beautiful hand dyed silk charmeuse, with black lace accents. Inside the corset, sturdier fabric and multiple pieces of steel boning provide phenomenal support and shaping. The gift was well received, and the woman for whom I made it is thrilled to have the option of wearing strapless garments for the first time in a very long time!


Something Blue

Recently, I created a beautiful custom skirt for a lovely plus sized bride to wear to her wedding. She already owned a stunning tight lacing corset that had been custom made for her in a beautiful silvery blue silk dupioni fabric. She wanted to wear this corset on her wedding day, and I could easily see why! It had been beautifully made; the workmanship was just lovely. The corset brought in her waist by several inches and gave her a dramatic hourglass figure, and it had a romantic, almost fairy tale feel to it.

Rena's Inspiration PicThe bride presented this photo to me as an inspiration picture. She loved the lower portion of this bridal gown, and wanted a skirt made to look like that, from the piece of silk dupioni she had remaining after her corset had been made and chiffon fabric purchased to match. I could see that we needed to take great care for this; there was exactly 44″ by 100″ of the fabric remaining and it would take all of it to be able to make a skirt with the trumpet shape and train in the inspiration picture. I drafted the pattern carefully, and double and triple checked my pattern pieces to be sure they would fit within the available fabric piece. When she let me know her muslin needed a few adjustments to fit, I offered to create a second muslin before working with the silk – an extra step I don’t often take – because we wouldn’t have a second chance once I cut the silk. And I’m glad we did this – the final version of the pattern left less than a 1/4″ of allowance from the edge of the silk fabric. Absolutely all of it was needed!

Once the silk skirt was sewn up, I was able to drape the layered ruffles of chiffon fabric that sort of cascade down the skirt. I studied the inspiration picture at this point, to try to create a very similar shape and feel to the original, but proportioned for the skirt. This both required that the chiffon begin lower on the skirt than where her corset would sit, and that it be of a length to drape beautifully on a shorter and wider figure than the model in the inspiration picture.

I’m really proud of the end result on this item, and I think my client will look simply breathtaking on her wedding day!

IMG_0028 IMG_0016 IMG_0021


Silk Brocade Corset

brocadecorset2This beautiful corset was made with a stunning silk brocade fabric over high quality cotton coutil. It was custom designed with a high back and open bust. The corset has a front busk closure, and laces up the back through 44 metal grommets! 22 pieces of steel boning provide incredible support and beautiful shaping.

This stunning corset was created for one of my clients on etsy. If you haven’t seen it already, check out my shop to view other items available for sale or to request a custom piece!

Brocadecorset1 brocadecorset3



I’m in a rush today but wanted to post pics of this gorgeous corset!






This was custom made for the woman wearing it, but I have an Etsy listing for making to order a similar corset sized to fit.


A Merry Maiden

angren4I promised before that I would post again with some of the costumes I created for this year’s Renaissance Festival. At long last here is one maiden wearing the fine garments I was able to make for her!

The full length skirt for this ensemble was made from a brightly colored woven cotton fabric that’s comfortable and cool. It has a gathered elasticized waistband.

Her chemise is made from white cotton muslin. It’s a short chemise, coming just past the waist, with three quarter sleeves and a gathered neckline. The shorter lengths are ideal in the blazing Florida heat.

The crowning jewel of the costume is the gorgeous Victorian style overbust corset. Made from soft crushed velvet over a sturdier support fabrics, her corset is both beautiful and durable. Inside, the corset is reinforced with 20 pieces of thick steel boning for a supportive fit and beautiful shaping! The back is studded with closely spaced steel grommets to allow tight lacing and a snug fit.



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