I love to sew!

I always loved fabrics, even as a child. I could spend hours playing “dress up” with nothing more than a few silky fabric remnants that had been given to me. I’d drape and tie them all different ways and parade around my bedroom pretending to be someone else. The touch of a fine fabric can still transport me to another world, but today I have the privelege to really make things with those fabrics, and to help transport my clients elsewhere too.

I first started sewing fifteen years ago, and in the past five years I have focused heavily on custom designed and fitted clothing. For my clients, my family, and myself I’ve sewn everything from custom formal wear, to made-to-measure bras, corsets, and lengerie, to costumes, to professional clothing. I’ve sewn drapes, throw pillows and other home decor accents. I have performed simple and complex alterations alike, from hemming a pair of slacks, to completely redesigning a ready-to-wear gown.

My focus as a dressmaker, and my passion, is to create clothing that truly fits my clients. Fits their bodies, their personalities, and their purposes. Each garment is as unique as the individual who orders it, and each one is carefully crafted to bring a vision to life.

In the many years since my childhood dress up games, I’ve gained a great deal of knowledge and expanded my abilities considerably, but I still have that same childlike delight and wonder each time a new project is brought to me. I hope that I can share this joy with you, and make your next custom garment a dream come true.


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  1. March 30, 2009 at 2:33 am

    I love your site. Keep it up !

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