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Mrs. Frosty

In early December one of my regular clients commissioned me to make this costume for her to wear to a Christmas themed costume party. She went as “Mrs. Frosty” and wanted her costume to be voluminous, a puffy white impression of a snowwoman. I made the very full skirt and bolero from white faux fur fabrics, and she wore them over a dramatically full white petticoat and a white and silver tight lacing corset. To create the full, rounded shape she wanted for the bolero, I actually stuffed the sleeves with scraps of petticoat netting!


Another Christmas Gift

Quick post today, as I’m pleasantly exhausted from a long day playing with my Girly. The following pics are of a custom skirt and top that I made for another loved one for Christmas. The skirt is a rayon batik fabric, cut into a very full and flouncy 2 1/2 circle skirt! The top is made from a nylon stretch fabric, hand dyed royal blue to match the skirt.


Hillary’s Design

One of my local clients for whom I made a dress previously, using a commercial pattern she loved, returned to have me bring to life a design idea of her own. I *love* these sorts of projects, the opportunity to create something truly unique, and to help a client who would otherwise be unable to realize their vision. Hillary described her idea to me in depth, we talked back and forth about the fabrics to use and the best way to construct it, and then I sketched out what I pictured from her description. I set about pattern drafting, draping, and bringing a muslin mock-up into being so that we could check the fit and fine tune the design. And then, at last, the final product!

The custom ensemble consists of a mermaid shaped skirt made of black matte satin. It’s fully lined, with layers of petticoat netting at the bottom to hold the shape of the skirt. On the outside, three tiers of satin ruffles cascade down, with a little hint of black and white paisley charmeuse peeking out of the middle ruffle. The jacket is also made of black matte satin, with black charmeuse and paisley charmeuse ruffles at the sleeve hems and neckline. The jacket body is extremely fitted, and has several pieces of boning to help hold its dramatic shape. 

The finishing touch – those buttons! Hillary brought a dozen different buttons over to hold up to the nearly-finished jacket so we could pick the perfect pair. And aren’t they FABULOUS? Really just the right finishing touch! And, the whole thing looks amazing on Hillary – a perfect fit both for her figure and her self!


The Betty Bridal Gown

I have a deep love of 1950’s fashion that dates back to my childhood days, watching old reruns of black and white sitcoms. I still adore Laura Petrie. So, I recently decided to design and sew a 50’s inspired bridal gown to list in my etsy shop. It was so much fun to make! And fun to model too. 🙂 Enjoy!

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