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Just thought I’d share

A random picture of my dinner:


I love being a SAHM! The pizza shown above was made with homemade from scratch tomato sauce, and homemade from scratch pizza dough (another blogger was good enough to link to a recipe she’d found – the texture was good, but the dough was a little bland so I think if I make it again I’ll up the salt slightly and add a teaspoon of sugar to have a bit more flavor). It was then LOADED with fresh Mozzarella, pepperoni, and black olives.



Practice Makes

In the next week or so I have FOUR custom formal pieces coming due, so for the past week I’ve been working on muslin after muslin to be sure that my pattern drafting meets the needs of my various clients. It’s a really worthwhile step for long-distance custom clothing. It’s also just far less pretty than the finished pieces. But, since I have SO MANY muslin pics, and no new garment pics, you get to see a whole lot of white cotton today!

Don’t you feel lucky?

This one is going to be a 1920’s flapper inspired dress in the end, but with a much lower, more dramatic backline. The finished dress with have a fringe hem and some other goodies too (check back in about a week to hopefully see the finished piece!)

Ireland Muslin BackIreland Muslin Front

I actually had to do 2 versions of the muslin for this dress. My client is a smaller size than my dress form and just to be sure that the initial pattern modifications worked as I expect them to, I put together a second draft. Hopefully I’ll get a green light to move forward with the beautiful satin charmeuse fabric we selected for the actual dress. (It’s soooo gorgeous and supple I can scarcely wait to work with it!)

Our next muslin is for a 1940’s inspired sort of Hollywood glam style dress. I’ll give more details when I blog about the finished dress of course, but I’m really excited about this one! I had to do lots of draping on the dress form to work out the right shape for the pattern pieces at the bust and sleeves and it fell into place for me beautifully. That kind of thing can be slow frustrating work, but the dress form and fabric were both kind enough to cooperate with me this time.

Jamelah Muslin FrontJamelah Muslin Back

I did a muslin for a third client that I failed to photograph. But this is probably enough white cotton to have you satisfied for the day, right?

Coming soon: pics of the latest ballroom dance creation (still awaiting rhinestones that are on order now) as well as the updates for the garments mentioned above.

Have a great day everyone!

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