Fairy Tale Bride

shawnadress4Once upon a time, in a land not so very far away, a beautiful young maiden was preparing for her upcoming wedding day. The maiden had sent word to a tailor requesting a stunning non traditional gown, and paid her gold to him for the gown. When a time came only a fortnight before her wedding day and the tailor had neither sent her gown nor responded to the many messangers she’d sent to him, the maiden grew worried. With so little time remaining, what should she do? Would some hero come to her rescue?

The maiden posted a notice throughout the land of Etsy, beseeching any talented dressmakers to come to her aide! Fortune was with her indeed, for the brave knight Sarah of the Goff clan saw the notice. It was said that Sarah could thread her needle in the dark, could balance a thimble on the tip of her finger, and could, with a stitch in time, save ten! Sarah sent word to the sent word to the maiden offering her aide, and rushed thenceforth to the marketplace to purchase fine cloth from the weavers.shawnadress5Through the days and nights Sarah worked, cutting, shaping, stitching, draping. The maiden traveled many hours, and Sarah did as well, so the two could meet at an inn and test the gown to the maiden’s form, to be sure that Sarah’s pattern was good and true.

Assured of the task at hand, Sarah resumed her sewing, pinning and repinning the drapes of fabric in the layered skirts, carefully placing adornments and gemstones over the bodice of the gown until at last the fairy tale bridal gown was complete! Then she rushed the gown to the maiden with a trusted messenger on his fastest horse, so that it might arrive well in advance of the wedding day. What happy news indeed and a happy ending for our bride who, I sincerely hope, lived happily every after!



1 Response to “Fairy Tale Bride”

  1. May 22, 2009 at 6:45 pm

    Interesting gown! Is this an outdoor wedding? Are the flowers handmade? It’s really quite beautiful.

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