Training Corset

ubllcorset1This custom piece was made for an etsy client who has recently begun waist training with a tight lacing Victorian style corset. She told me that she feels so much more confident wearing her corset, that her clothes fit better and her back is better supported to boot! But her original overbust Victorian style corset squishes her chest (and a flat chest is not so very fashionable today as it was a few centuries back), and furthermore stopped too high up so that her lower belly and hips were left peeking out below the corset.

ubllcorset5So I drafted a pattern for her for an underbust, long line corset to cover the areas she wanted covered. I used high quality steel boning (rigid flat boning on the front and back seams, and the more flexible spiral steel boning on the side seams) and steel grommets spaced close together along the back. In the front I inserted a steel busk to make this corset much easier to put on and take off than her orginal corset (which was also a back lacing corset but with no busk so that she had to completely remove the lacing each time!) I had original suggested coutil fabric for her corset, as it is specifically designed for use in corsets and holds up beautifully to the strain of tight lacing. But when she expressed to me that we were a bit over her budget, I offered to use a medium weight canvas fabric instead.

The result is a beautiful and functional training corset that will allow her to continue enjoying the support and shaping this type of garment offer, with a better fit and greater convenience than before. Enjoy!

ubllcorset3 ubllcorset4


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