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Prom season is in full swing now, and a client recently brought me the prom dress below. In actual fact, it fit her perfectly, and I wouldn’t have expected it to need any alterations. The hemline fell right where it should, a scant 1/4″ above the ground. The bodice had enough space for her bust without falling away from her body. It was both flattering and, by comparison to many of the gowns in stores these days, was actually relatively modest.

promdress41 promdress1

By my standards anyway.

Not by the standards of her private high school however. The list of guidelines for the formal wear which would be approved for prom was lengthy. Not only were spaghetti straps against the rules but furthermore, the neckline of the gown had to come within 2 inches of her collarbone, the back line had to come no lower than the midpoint of her shoulder blades, the straps needed to be a minimum of 2″ wide, the dress needed to come high enough under the arm that a standard bra would be hidden (even if none was to be worn under the gown). They had searched. No such gowns could be found in stores. So, they asked me to redesign the bodice of her gown in time for the dress inspection a few weeks before prom (pass inspection or stay home on prom night!)

The high school student and her mother took the gown with them to the fabric store and purchased black satin that matched the band beneath the bodice, and using that I built out a matching band above the bodice as well to provide the wider straps and additional coverage required, while making the modifications blend as well as possible with the original gown design. Here is what we ended up with:

promdress2 promdress3

She was delighted, and she passed inspection. 🙂


Sneak Peek

The Renaissance Festival is in town now, and I was inspired to make costumes for the event. I’ll post more pics soon, but in the meantime… isn’t she CUTE? 🙂



Website Relaunch

Hello and good evening to my readers!

I just wanted to share the delightful news that I have a brand new drop-dead GORGEOUS website for Goff Couture. Please go check it out at!

I’ve been longing for a more professional looking site for quite some time now, and I’m extremely pleased with what my website developer has come up with. It’s a great reflection of my personality and my business. And, it was set up in such a way that I actually understand how to upload new images and descriptions as I continue to flesh out my portfolio and gallery. (We have several photos shoots scheduled in the near future to get BETTER and more images of several of my past and recent pieces).

Well good night to you all – I’m off to bed but couldn’t wait to share the good news first. 🙂



img_0151Here in the Bay Area of Florida, each year in February there is a huge celebration known as Gasparilla. It’s named of course for the infamous pirate Jose Gaspar who once frequented the Gulf Coast here, attacking the ships from Her Majesty’s fleets and hiding the plunder off the stunning sandy beaches. Thankfully, there’s a little less violence involved these days, but each year there is a ceremonial “invasion” of Tampa Bay as a real wooden ship arrives and hundreds of pirates take over the streets – and hold a parade.

There are dozens of pirate Krewes whose members dress and act the part, and create a vivid and colorful display on the streets of downtown Tampa and Ybor City. One of these pirates approached me just a few weeks before Gasparilla this year to ask me to create a custom corset for her to weare on the day of the parade (that first project is pictured above). Her Krewe required her to incorporate the burgandy fabric you see, but beyond that the design and style were completely up to her! She brought me another corset she owned and asked me to make something similar, in her current size and with some style modifications, in the required fabrics.

diozzap2front1It was SO much fun. Costumes invariably peak my interest; I love the fantasy and storytelling that are played out in fabric. And in the case of this request, recreating an existing garment as complex as this one was just challenging enough to be really enjoyable. And, best of all, my client was thrilled with the result!

A few weeks later she came to me and told me that one of the other members of her Krewe LOVED the costume so much, that she bought it from her on the spot! So, we needed a new costume, in a unique new style, in two weeks’ time, for her to wear to today’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

diozzap2withoutjacket diozzap2back

I’ve been in a frenzy the past two weeks piecing this costume together while also working on a number of other projects. With many late nights and more pots of coffee than I’ve bothered to count, I was able to complete the costume on time. The skirt was her design, all open panels of fabric that will fall away as she walks and show off the new thigh high boots she’s wearing! For the corset, again, and for the bolero style jacket as well, she brought me an inspiration piece to style the design after (with a few minor modifications).

diozzap2lacingI’m looking forward to hearing how today’s parade goes but in the meanwhile I just couldn’t wait to post a few pictures for you all to see! This kind of work is so enjoyable and so rewarding for me; I really love what I do.

Have a great day everyone and Happy St.  Patty’s to you all!

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