Bras, bras, and more bras

In case that all so clever title didn’t clue you in, I’ve been sewing more bras. And even though it’s been WEEKS since I came here to post about it, I have been very productive.

I received my copy of The Bra Maker’s Manual not long after I posted the purple bra, and it has been EXTREMELY helpful! (Though, if I’d known ahead of time how unsatisfactory the online ordering process would be, I would have paid a few dollars more to order the book from one of the domestic bra supply stores that carry it). The chapter on fittings alone brought me so very much closer to my goals! And, in addition to working towards a perfect fit, I have continued to experiment a bit w/ different styles and materials.

This, is my fifth bra. The band fits snugly but not too tightly, the bridge is actually a perfect size and shape to fit between my breasts, and my breasts fill the cups without gushing over at all. However, since it is no longer 1950, I think it’s a tad pointy for my comfort.

Bra number 6, shown below, is just about perfect. It lifts my breasts as high as they could reasonably be lifted, and creates a very flattering shape. The straps are wide and *padded* and the band sits right where it should. Plus LOOK how pretty! Pink satin. šŸ™‚ How delightful.

With my own bosom in a good place now, I’m starting to work on some bras for other women, but I do believe I’ll post that separately. More soon!


2 Responses to “Bras, bras, and more bras”

  1. May 6, 2010 at 9:38 am

    I know I am a bit late to the “party” posting in spring 2010 but I have a question and maybe you will get this and can answer it.
    How did you change the cup from the too pointy to more rounded?? That is the question I am having trouble with.
    Also…do you feel beverly johnson’s book will help me with that particular issue (searching about her book is how I found your site)? I have a few bra books…but adjusting fit doesn’t seem to be the strong point in either of the books I already own and so I am still stumbling around on this.

    Thanks for your help!
    alandtc (at) catt.com

    • 2 goffcouture
      May 6, 2010 at 10:51 am

      I found Beverly’s book to be extremely helpful with regards to fit. She devotes an entire chapter to addressing fit corrections, and advises on where to start (since problems in some areas create problems in others, adjusting fit issues in the right order yields better results). She offered solutions to a plethora of fit problems, and includes illustrations in most cases to show you how to correct the pattern.

      It still takes a ton of time and lots of trial and error. For the bras I like to wear, with a light layer of padding for support, it takes me between 7-9 hours for me to cut and sew a single bra. And unless you have a helper to assist you with self-fittings (I didn’t in the early days) then there’s not much you can do to really be sure about things until you’ve sewn the whole bra. Which is why it took me six tries to work out a fit I liked, and now I’ve gone and gained weight in the meantime so I’m not the same size anymore.

      To move away from the too-pointy look of Bra #5 above, on all three pattern pieces for the cups I brought the apex down a little, and added a bit more room to the sides of the apex instead.

      Happy sewing!

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