Reusable grocery bags

About two years ago I bought some upholstery fabric on clearance.   I never particularly cared for the fabric and only bought it because it was cheap.  I planned to make some cushions for our wooden rocking chair.  Never happened.  Probably because I was so uninspired by the bland fabric.

Recently, I saw it sitting in my sewing room closet and thought I might go ahead and put it to use making some grocery store bags.  Then last week another blogger posted some straightforward directions for making your own at home, so I decided to go for it once Bonnie’s dress was done.  Here it is, modeled by my front door.

I made three of them; I could have made a fourth but I failed to cut my fabric as effeciently as I meant to.  I don’t plan to make more… not because I’m dissatisfied in any way (they were easy to make and they work just fine) but because my grocery store is also now selling reusable bags for 99 cents a piece, which is far less than the fabric would cost me if I didn’t have it lying around already.  And honestly, I don’t mind giving them a little free advertising.  Publix rocks!


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