More Muslin!

I put together a quick muslin for the skirt, using the final version of the pattern we made for Bonnie’s black and blue dress, sewn out of the diaper twill.  I did this for 2 purposes.  First, it allowed me to make sure that the top edge of the corset turned out right.  As you can see in the pics, it’s pretty much spot on perfect in the front!  In the back, the corset comes up a bit too high, and I’ve marked it accordingly so I can trim down the corset and pattern pieces.  The second goal for this skirt muslin, was to be able to trace the lower edge of the corset onto the dress skirt.  I will transfer these lines over to be able to make new pattern pieces for the skirt that will fit right onto the lower edge of the corset.

As a bonus, I can also see more of the final shape of the dress!  I really think it’s going to turn out beautifully.  On the dress form at least, I think point where the corset stops and the skirt begins is pretty much perfect.

Bonnie is coming this afternoon to try on the test corset.  I’m also just crossing my fingers and hoping that the rest of the fabric will arrive today!  If so, I can get into the *real* sewing.


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