Not so straight pins

We’ve all had that experience I’m sure, where the needle on the sewing machine hits a straight pin right on and dents the thing rather than sliding over its curve.  There have been many times that I’ve fumbled with slightly bent pins or gone ahead and thrown them out if they are too badly damaged to bother.

Yesterday, I had an experience that was new.  It was as though my sewing machine were posessed by some sort of homicidal demon and wanted to completely and utterly DESTROY my straight pin.  Somehow (and try as I may I cannot quite understand how it was possible) the machine needle hit a straight pin with enough force and at just such an angle that it jammed the thing straight down into the sewing machine and back up again!

Here I’ve removed the presser foot and the plastic plate over the bobbin case to try to see what on earth is going on.  Not only did the pin get jammed down into the bobin case, but somehow it got hooked back up through the tiny gap alongside the feed dog!!

A close up from another angle.  Look at that!!  That’s like a fish hook threaded through parts of my machine that are not supposed to have things poked into them!  Thankfully, my husband had a handy little screwdriver that fit in the limited space, and we were able to remove the metal needle plate from the machine to unhook the not-so-straight-anymore pin.

It was just bizarre enough that I thought I’d share a few photos!

“Straight” pin? I don’t think so!


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