Fit fix

My Aunt Bonnie came over briefly and tried the outer dress on.  I am delighted to say that it is EXTREMELY flattering on her and by and large all our plans and alterations have worked out brilliantly!  The funky back does need to be resolved, so that’s on my agenda for this evening, if my husband and daughter can bear with me.  I marked the dress while it was on her, and I’ll also touch up the pattern pieces accordingly so the lining of this dress will match the outer dress, and also so we’ll have a head start on future dresses in the same shape.

I’m also just thrilled that she has mentioned going forward on a second dress pretty quickly here!  A couple of their summer gigs will require her to wear all white.  Women out there can agree with us – all white is not a good look for most of us gals.  Dark colors are slimming and white is not.  But, I pointed out to her, most brides pull it off pretty well!  I suggested something with a corseted bodice and exaggerated V-shaped seams may help create a slimming affect, even though the color itself won’t.  That would definitely be fun.  🙂

More later.  I’m done writing for now and off to rip out a zipper.


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