Update on the black and blue dress

On my days off, I was able to make some alterations to the pattern (taking in the waist a bit, shortening the skirt, and making it a fuller, more flared A-line).  I cut out all the blue fabric, sewed the skirt pieces together, and sewed the bodice pieces together.  Eva helped me sew again.  She sat on my lap through several long seams and helped me pull the pins back out of the skirt and stick them into the pin cushion.

Since we are adding a layer of chiffon over the skirt, I need to finish that before I can attach the bodice to the skirt.  I held the blue skirt layer up on my dress form the check the fit and it looks good, so I’ve started cutting chiffon pieces.  If I have the energy, I may be able to complete the chiffon layer this evening after work (which would mean I was at a good place to add some photos)!

Steps remaining: Complete chiffon layer, attach to blue skirt, sew skirt to bodice, sew in bra cups, sew in zipper.  Outer dress will then be complete.  Cut and sew lining, and sew lining to outer dress.  Cut pieces for dress foundation, sew together, sew in boning, sew on hook and eye tape, sew foundation garment in to dress.  Bring Bonnie over for a final fitting; make any final alterations and mark hemline.  Sew hemline.  Press dress.

I figure another 2 weeks, at the rate I’m going.


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