Black and Blue Dress – the plan

As I mentioned before, Aunt Bonnie sings with a group called Late Night Brass here in the Tampa Bay area.  The dress I’m getting ready to make for her will be for the more formal gigs they have coming up in the summer months, and needs to coordinate well with the black shirts and blue ties the brass section wear.

 We talked on the phone and emailed back and forth for a couple of weeks, looking at different gown pictures and dress patterns online, and bouncing some ideas back and forth.  This past Thursday, we were able to make a trip to JoAnn’s together and actually LOOK at our fabric choices!  We saw a lovely blue tafetta that was very nearly the same shade as the guy’s ties, and also a sheer black chiffon that Bonnie liked.  The plan is to add a layer of the chiffon over the princess seamed A-line skirt, but cut in such a way that the blue peeks through in the front; and to leave the bodice blue only.  Since she plans to wear this through the coming summer months, Bonnie wants a knee length dress rather than full length.  And, since they are flattering styles on her, she likes the idea of a halter neckline and an empire waist.

We had a plan!  Now to find a pattern.  We scoured the pattern books there in the store and couldn’t find anything with a halter neckline, empire waist, princess seams, and an A-line skirt.  D’oh!  When you’ve decided on something specific that you want, it’s always just lovely to be able to find exactly that.  But, when such a thing isn’t ready and waiting for you, it’s nice at least if you can create it yourself!  🙂

We settled on Vogue pattern 2931, which has everything we were looking for except the A-line shape.  The pattern alterations I have done so far are merely to convert the mermaid skirt to an A-line, in a shorter length.  Oh, and to eliminate the gigantic BOW over the breasts.  I’m sure it’s all a matter of personal taste, but Bonnie is not going for the life-sized Christmas present look this summer!  I suspect that we may also decide to add a bit of extra fabric to the bodice, as it is nearly identical for all sizes and is likely to be a bit too low cut, but I really need to see the fit to be sure how much fabric I want to add, and where.  I hope to get the practice dress stitched together quickly so we can try it on, to see what additional alterations are needed.  And that’s the plan!


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