This looks like FUN!

I’ve done a couple of searches online for materials we’ll need for Aunt Bonnie’s dress. JoAnn’s carries all the basics of course – fabric, lining, thread, needles, pattern tracing paper. But the pattern we chose for her is a halter style dress that provides a built-in “foundation” (read: you won’t get to wear a bra with this dress, but we’re going to help you keep your breasts up higher than your hips). So, the dress calls for sew-in bra cups and boning. JoAnns carries bra cups up to a size “C/D” – which pretty much means a C, because let’s face it those are NOT the same size. And they carry the typical flimsy plastic boning you have probably seen before, but nothing more substantial.

We’re going to need DD bra cups (found them online, YAY, but OUCH we’ll pay as much for shipping as for the cups themselves!), and I want to use spiral steel boning, which is used for corset making. If you’ve ever seen women dolled up for a Renaissance Festival in those gorgeous impractical costumes, you can guess they probably have a well constructed corset, and it probably is not relying on 1/4″ plastic boning to do the trick.

Spiral steel boning (as well as coutil fabric designed for corsets) USED to be carried by Denver Fabrics, but since their recent change in management they no longer carry these items.  No matter.  Further investigation led me to a website that specializes in corset making, and I am soooo entranced!  They carry absolutely everything you’d need to make any kind of corset, bra, or other undergarment imaginable.  Very, very cool!

I will probably buy spiral steel boning from them for Bonnie’s dress.  I will DEFINITELY visit the site once I’m done with her dress, and possibly make a corset for my next project.

For now, I’m back to pattern tracing.  Nearly done with this tedious first step, and I’ll be on to cutting fabric for my muslin attempt.  That will be marginally more interesting to blog about.  At a minimum, I’ll have pictures to post.


2 Responses to “This looks like FUN!”

  1. 1 itsnotmurray
    April 13, 2008 at 6:47 pm

    I want a corset!! I’ll order one after you make your own!!

  2. 2 Sarah
    April 13, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    You got it! You’d look hot in a corset. 🙂

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