Aunt Bonnie

Now that Eva’s completely unnecessary blue dress is finished, I am gearing up for the first dress I’ll make for my Aunt Bonnie.  Currently, I’m tracing, altering, and cutting out pattern pieces and it’s boring stuff to blog about, so I thought I’d just take a few minutes to introduce her.

Bonnie is the youngest of my mom and her three sisters.  She was also, when I was a kid, the only one of my aunts who had children (although Aunt Zanny has two beautiful children now).  So, growing up, Bonnie was the young hip aunt who “got” us.  She is also strikingly beautiful, both inside and out.  She is one of the many wonderful female role models I’ve been blessed to look up to in my life.

Aunt Bonnie has been a musician my whole life, and I can’t remember a time that she wasn’t on the worship band at church.  In fact, I think the last two “new” churches she’s been to approached her within weeks to get her to join!  She sings and plays the keys by sound.  In addition to being on our church’s worship team she is also now singing jazz standards with Late Night Brass here in Tampa Bay.  And this is where I come in!  As the only woman in the group, she has some different wardrobe requirements from the men!  And so she’s asked me to sew at least a couple of dresses for her that will match the men for the more formal gigs they have where she wants to dress fancier than pants.

We bought fabric yesterday, I’m working out the pattern now, and I’ll post more as it comes together.  Happy sewing everyone!


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